Inspections / Maintenance

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Anderwerks is a licensed out of province inspection facility. We can perform both pre-service inspections, out of province inspections and any maintenance or repairs required to get your ride ready to enjoy.

You can of course find information on the service and maintenance intervals of your BMW Motorrad in your service book, but you can also find out directly by contacting us. In addition to the service after 620 miles (1000 km), the next service is usually due at 6,200 miles (10,000 km) and after at 6,200 mile (10,000 km) intervals thereafter. For older BMW Motorrad models, the interval is 4,660 miles (7,500 km). In the case of annual mileages lower than 4,660 or 6,200 miles (7,500 or 10,000 km) per year, BMW recommends an annual service for your motorcycle. The current and detailed maintenance plans for your BMW Motorrad model are available at our location.