April 2019: Good morning Dave & Staff. I wanted to let you know how happy we are with our bikes and the way they run and ride!! Way smoother than when I bought the bike! It makes a difference I believe to have a proper tech go through the bikes. I am all about saving money where I can but this was worth every penny!

November 2016: “Hello Dave, I was in your shop the first week of September and your tech Mike re-torqued my steering head bearings on my 84 R100RT. I am pleased to report the bike ran true with zero issues all the way back to Prince George BC. You may recall the bike had just been put back on the road after 11 years and it was a real joy to put on 3600km in the space of 3 weeks: with the steering re-torqued it handled like it was on a rail. Thank you again for getting me in and getting the job done. I also enjoyed seeing your shop and discussing some of the projects you have in mind.” – L.M, Prince George, BC


August 2016: “I was in your shop for service–light bulb install and Hyway pegs install. My wife and I came through Calgary on our way home to Alaska on a BMW r1200 GSA just to visit your shop- Ran into fellow at Watson lake who knew your shop too –nothing but praise for the friendly service and expertise displayed. Kind regards, W.S.”


December 2016: Dear Mr. Anderson, I’m grateful for STARS because they save lives when terrible things happen. STARS saved my life after I was in a car crash on the way to school. Today, I am so much better. I go to Grade 4 and my favourite subject is math. I also play lacrosse and bug my brother – a lot. Most importantly, my hockey team went undefeated last season. I really hope we can do that this year, too. I know that it took a whole bunch of people working together to save my life. I’m glad to know that STARS is there because a bad crash like mine could happen to anyone. So thank you for helping STARS save kids like me! – Casey, STARS’ VIP (Very Important Patient)