Introducing the new SPOT X!






With SPOT X, you can still do all these things (and more) even when you don’t have cell service;

  • Message any cell phone or email address
  • Send an SOS to a 24/7 search & rescue
  • Track your adventure & check-in
  • Use your built-in compass
  • Post to social media

When do you need SPOT X?
1. Motorbike rides outside of urban centres
2. Hiking
3. Hunting
4. Fishing
5. Boating
6. Mountain Biking

Cost: $349.99 per unit with some of the best data / texting pkgs available today.
We are taking pre-orders for the new SPOT X now!!
Email to place your order.




Date of Seminar: April 1, 2017

Our Emergency Tire Seminar was a great success! We had a full house and some great feedback! We’d like to thank everyone for coming out, and look forward to holding another one soon!

Anderwerks 2016 Christmas Gathering!

Winter Service Details


2016/2017 Winter Service Program

The ” Off-Season” is the best time to have your motorcycle serviced, and we look forward to working with you!  Not only will this save you money and allow you to ride sooner, but the work is performed in a more relaxed atmosphere – more time & detail is allowed by the technicians at this time of year. With limited space in our new location, our calendar is filling quickly, so book now to receive:

  • a 10% Discount on Labour (in addition to your regular discounts!)
  • Complimentary Pick-up & Delivery Service within the Calgary City Limits for any 10,000 or 20,000  Km Service with an Annual Inspection
  • a 15% Discount on Pairs of Select Tires!
  •  In addition – from December 1st until March 21st, every completed 10,000 or 20,000 Km Service with    Annual Inspection will have their Name put into a draw  for a Complimentary  Install & Balance on a Pair of Tires (up to $250.00 value!)

Anyone having difficulties getting their bike to us and doesn’t have an AMA Membership, we have a KENDON motorcycle trailer available to rent. Please call for details.

Contact or 403-277-4269

We’re booking now into January/February 2017

New website launched!

We have launched our new website. Please let us know what you think by using the contact form!